27 Jan

Understanding The Lending Process 

One motive that would lead you to contact a lender is if you’re planning to buy a property. Particularly if you’re a first time buyer. But here’s a question for you: How knowledgeable are you of the mortgage application process? What about the lender’s criteria? We often don’t even know where to begin. Although the internet is an information tsunami at your disposal, you’ll not find the services of a broker laid out for you. The mortgage lending process is complex and it’s not one size that fits all. You have two options: find the information yourself and begin the process or find a broker that will help you through the process. The former comes with high risks, which include time wasting and getting the wrong mortgage. The latter option is an abundance of information that fits your specific needs. 

Finance Broker Option 

Choosing to carry out your own research and approaching the lender comes with high risks. Often property buyers reach out to a popular mortgage lender or the cheapest interest rate they can find. But they’ll likely find out far down the line that having selected the wrong mortgage, cost them dearly. A mortgage broker will weigh up the risks you’ll take when choosing a mortgage product. One of the key aspects to consider is the purpose of the property – is it going to be your main home, buy to let, a holiday home, a house of multiple occupancy or a commercial premise. You need help to find the right mortgage for your specific needs and intentions with the property. 

3 Key Reasons To Use a Finance Broker 

1 – Expertise and Experience 

You can’t measure up to a mortgage broker’s expertise and experience. These might seem like harsh words but the bottom line is that you’re a home buyer, not a mortgage expert. A broker will make the process easy for you. With industry experience, the right information is at the mortgage broker’s fingertips.       

2 – Save Time and Money 

A broker will have information filtered down for you, so you’re not overwhelmed or intimidated by particulars of the mortgage lending process. Brokers have easy access to search systems and will swiftly identify which mortgage lenders will accept or reject your application. This saves homebuyers and investors both time and money.   

3 – On Your Side 

Yes, finance brokers are on your side. Unlike lenders, whose interest is to sell you the mortgage product, brokers will offer unbiased advice. They will consider your financial situation and have an overview of the market for the best deals for you. Brokers are extremely valuable and passionate about what they do and offer personable service, which includes negotiating with the mortgage lender for you. 

We Give You Control Of Your Finances 

We’re a finance brokerage with extensive experience and expertise in what we do. With direct access to tools that fully equip us to advise, we’re sure you’ll confidently choose the best option. You’ll save time and money, whilst we deliver filtered down information crafted for your specific needs. Unlike lenders whose number one goal is to hit their company’s target, we have your best interest at heart. We welcome a call from you to discuss your plan and find the best option for you.

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